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What Is A Hinged Lid Box?

Hinged Lid Box is optimal for safely storing prints, films, and postcards. They are also used for general purpose archival storage of appropriate specimens, samples, art objects, and collectibles.

Hinged lid boxes have undercut front panels so contents can be easily filed, sorted, or sifted. Embossed labeling areas on box end and lid front neatly, accurately and consistently positions a standard pressure-sensitive identification label.

hinged lid watch boxHinged lid wine box Hinged lid sunglasses box Hinged lid cosmetic box

What Are The Advantages of Hinged Lid Box?

1, Perfect for Most industries.

This hinged lid box style is highly versatile and can be used for a number of industries. We ensure that one piece boxes like this one are all made with rigid greyboard material and assembled with care.

2, Maximized Presentation.

A box with a hinged lid is a great way to create tension and excitement for your customers. Our attached lid boxes, along with custom foam inserts, can elevate your brand to the next level.

hinged lid box with foam 4 hinged lid box with foam 3 hinged lid box with foam 2 Hinged lid box with foam


Why custom rigid boxes more expensive than corrugated paper boxes?

Crafting rigid boxes requires some serious attention to detail! Making these sturdy pieces of packaging involves expensive materials like thick chipboard and intricate paper wraps, as well as a lot of manual labor. It’s not small task – but the result is definitely worth it.

What is the turnaround time for custom printed rigid boxes?

Estimated turnaround time 10 – 20 business days depending on the packaging type, order size, and time of the year. For the most up-to-date turnaround times, we recommend contacting our product specialists so we can give you the most accurate time.

Can I order a sample of my rigid box?

Yes, we highly advise you to do so, especially for custom printed rigid boxes! We carry many sample types to serve different use cases and help you guarantee the best results! Explore our sample types here.

If you want to order just a sample first, please get in touch with our product specialist by phone or email.

Do you offer more cost effective rigid box options?

Yes! It’s possible to create a luxurious packaging experience without breaking the bank. With our expansive selection of materials, styles and customization options, you can discover what is perfect fit for your budget.