Custom Hollow Book Box

Tell a story through custom printed book style rigid box.

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You can use a hollow book box to:

Use as a container for another special gift inside. An extra element of surprise and delight! Wrap up a special family recipe.

Effective display presentation: Aside from packaging your products, this styles of box is perfect for your customers to display in their home. We ensure that these rigid boxes are durable and presentable for your customers. As a brand, it’s important to showcase what you stand for through visuals and words.

The most product packed inside would be cosmetic, chocolate, craft, jewelry, gifts, keepsake and other special items.

Hollow Book Box emptyBlue hollow book boxHollow book box with paper insertGold foil hollow book box

Having a strong and durable structure with a hinged lid, custom hollow book box with gold foiling prove to be very handy in a sense of gift giving. It automatically adds to the aesthetic appeal of the product packed inside. Thus, making it a pertinent choice for giveaways. The box is a perfect solution to make your present stand out from all the others and prioritize the receiver to open your gift item. The manufacturing of this box is crucial in many aspects including precision of crease-lines, and finishing. As simple looking structure of book shaped boxes is not so simple to achieve when it comes to production.

Hollow Book Box Also Can Be Used As Decorative Book:

Besides make it a storage for products packaging, hollow book box also called decorative book, is essential when designing the ideal living environment. For home stagers and professional designers, beautiful books are tools of trade. Lounges and living rooms, lofts and basements, studies and home offices, and bedrooms and kitchens can all benefit from the presence of books that complement your style and decor.