Custom Luxury Magnetic Boxes Supplied By Packprince

Magnetic boxes also called magnetic closure boxes, it is one of rigid boxes and made by hard cardboard with printed paper glued on, then close the boxes by magnets. Also could add a ribbon to open it easily. Due to two parts structure, it make the magnetic closure boxes looks more luxury and more safe to protect the products inside. It is popular for electronic, cosmetic, perfume, wine, clothing products to be decorated.

What Kind of Custom Magnetic Boxes We Provide?

Common magnetic packaging boxes/Magnet boxes ribbon/Magnetic rigid boxes double door/Foldable rigid boxes

1, The common boxes is closed by flap out,  a small tail can be added on the flap to open. This function worked by one magnet on flap and another metal plate inside the inner box.

2, Magnet boxes with ribbon is an ideal choice when a decorative closure on the boxes is needed. Magnets gives a secure closure to the boxes, while ribbon improves its aesthetics.

3, Double door open boxes, a built-in form insert, and exquisite surface printing to show your brand. Their unique appearance are perfect for packing luxury gifts.

4, Foldable rigid boxes come with the advantage of both magnetic boxes and folded boxes. The folded design make this style saved a lot space when transport by flat packing.

Magnetic Boxes Series

How to Make the Magnet Boxes More Attractive?


Ribbon used to make the boxes gift like and sometime to help open the boxes easily.


Boxes with a window looks beautiful while users can see through the box to know what is packed inside.


Foam/EVA/Cardboard inserts are widely used in boxes for protecting the products and make them safe during transportation.


To make the boxes carry conviniently, ribbon/rope/twisted paper handles will help for the purpose.