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Elegance and Exquisite Protection
with Custom Sliding Boxes

With sliding boxes also called as drawer boxes custom by Packprince, we ensure a sturdy structure with customizable thickness
according to your products. Moreover, adding luxurious papers helps us introduce irresistible
elegance and stoutness to make your products luxurious.

Why Customization Becomes the Need Now

In this era of brand consciousness, packaging has become more important than the product itself. Customized packaging solutions help your products concentrates & extracts get the exposure and visibility they deserve on dispensary shelves. In addition to this, such personalized boxes containing your marketing slogans, company logo, and branding details turn heads of existing customers & urge new potential ones to check them out. So, if you want your products to fortify your brand’s current image in the market, you must be willing to give up those traditional looking boxes and be ready to customize your own sliding boxes. Packprince offers to make your customization dreams come to life with our packaging specialties of over a decade. Get trendy sliding boxes which are uniquely customized by you and are appealing at Packprince.

Solutions that We Offer for Custom Sliding Boxes

We at Packprince have got a team of trained professionals who stand ready to come up with creative ideas whenever you need them to. From giving you that very first quote till the sliding boxes are delivered at your door, these guys remain prepared to offer solutions for any problems that you might face along the way. Some of the salient features of boxes that Packprince has on offer are as follows.

  • If you’re looking to get something that’s in trend these days, custom designed boxes give you the freedom to get your own artworks and designs printed on them. Select colorful images, pick stylish & popular designs, choose trendy graphics, and let us publish them on your custom printed sliding boxes.
  • Don’t have artworks ready or design inspirations in mind for your custom boxes? Our designers will work with you and provide you designing assistance on your custom boxes. Not just this, they even help creating your company logo (if you don’t already have one).
  • Having a variety of tailor-made styling possibilities for you to fulfil different purposes. Get mailer subscription boxes to send out your essentials anywhere, put cardboard display boxes on dispensary countertop shelves to present multiple products stacked in them, or just discover our huge library of custom styles available to pick one depending upon your needs.
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Packprince Takes Customer Care to Another Level

We at Packprince know that it’s not just the perfect materials, error-free printing, and custom sizing that make flawless boxes, but the way we interact with our customers.